Oh the humanity

I’m sitting here; possibly on my death bed…the fumes from my step father’s polish sausage have decided to venture out of the kitchen, around the corner, up the stairs and into my room.  I was fine at first but now I can’t deal

The smell of flesh seriously makes me ill….Am I the only one this happens to? 


New tattoo

Got Tatted up today!
This makes numbers 5 & 6. Quote says “dream more than others think practical expect more than others think possible” (by Howard Shultz) then underneath is the west African symbol for excellence (awesome combination I know) its kinda bigger than I wanted but it works for some reason.
Lots of people said it would hurt cause it was on my ribcage but it actually didn’t; I even fell asleep. It did start hurting a little when dude got to the fleshy part under the bone though (towards the bottom).
Which reminds me; dude was real cool, best artist I’ve been too thus yet. Really made the environment enjoyable (probably why I fell asleep) His name was fossil (fossiltattoos.com)


Spring Break 2K13

So this year for spring break we finally made a decision and we’re going to New Orleans.  Its my turn to plan the trip and I’m getting the essentials but now it seems as though I’m in a predicament.  I need to find somewhere for us to stay for a week.  So it occurred to me that I could venture out and seek the advice of others.  That being said: anyone have any suggestions on where to stay?  And which one do you think would be cheaper, a hotel or a bed and breakfast?  We’re not driving down there so I would prefer if we were in a hotel as close to ‘stuff’ as possible <preferably the French Quarter>.  Keep in mind that we are college students [the struggle is real man]. 

But yea, any input is quite appreciated. 

*Thanks a bunch*



So as far as I know I have thus far survived the dreaded ‘end of the world’….yet again.  And even if I actually haven’t <because technically there’s still 21 hours and some minutes left in the day> oh well; its been a good run.  All week people have been talking about the Mayan Apocalypse and it was really annoying <but I’m not going to get into the gruesome details>.  And I could go into religious details; but that’s totally not my style. So to all you crazies out there who are just so sure that the world will end and insist upon flinging your craziness upon the rest of us….please, “go somewhere and stop actin’ brand new”.  It will be highly appreciated.  

But hey, even if they were all right about it all coming to an end, it won’t matter anyway cause nobody will be around to hear any of them say ‘I told you so’.  
HOWEVER….If the world was going to end I would want it to be uber awesome; like something out of a movie that I would remember . Zombie apocalypse meets Tomb Raider meets Prison Break; shit would be crazy. I wouldn’t want it to end all lame; everybody just gets sucked into a black whole or something like that. All I’m sayin is, if I gotta go, take me out like a G.
But I digress; it is what it is; and I guess it just be like that sometime…

Secret Love Affair

“Poetry is she and she is me.  So since I be me, I now present you with…poetry”

Killing me softly with her words

But she dare not be locked away

Because with each word I feel her passion, with each breath she takes to annunciate each syllable, a chill runs down my back; fingers that seem to exist only figuratively in my mind run down my spine; all over my body, touching me in places I never knew existed.

And although he has my heart, poetry is my mistress; the hottest thing since the sun came into existence

We sneak off and proceed to have our way with each other

I tell poetry all of my secrets: my hopes, my dreams my fears,

And poetry listens; allows me to express myself, never judging me.  Poetry uses words to console me

Those words become whole and in her arms poetry chooses to hold me…

Poetry may potentially be my soul mate

And we so choose to continue with this love affair.  Dancing around the idea of expanding our intamicy

Because in the back of my mind I know that she is more than just my mistress

Because into her I pour my everything.  My heat, my soul….

This is poetry.