Bruh! …seriously?!?

So remember like last week when I was telling you about creepy and annoying people?
Well long story short, I think I might have a stocker. See it started last year; I was walking back to my dorm from the library late one night and this random dude started trying to have a conversation with me (this wouldn’t have been a problem either; except for what happened next) so I’m minding my own business and dude come across the street, “hey… Where you headed” “my room”
And that was the end if that… Like at least once a week now since that has happened he keeps looking at me real creepily and saying hi.
That’s no big deal though. But one of the organizations I’m in does bake sales every week and every time he come in there and walk back and forth like literally 5 times just staring…then he sits outside in the steps and looks in the window waiting for me to come outside.
But here’s the kicker; and the real reason I think he might be a stocker; I gave my number to some dude a couple months ago, he cool people though; but then like last month someone from a different number texted saying they was some dude who I didn’t know and then half way through the conversation he claimed to be the guy who I had given my number to originally (no big deal at first) until he started talking about he like me and junk (me and the original dude had been squashed that) it’s a set up man….
So yea; I think I got a stocker; it’s uber creepy


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