Not So Simple Fantasy

Everybody kept telling me to go for it,

And I knew very well you was a ho

But it

Didn’t seem to matter to me.

You see,

I had been wanting to let you know for the longest that I had noticed you, noticing me, noticing you…

Hard as I tried to deny these sins

These thoughts of you just kept rushing in

Through my brain

Like, sometimes, if I closed my eyes…I could envision us kissing in the rain

Like, you would be talking, and I would be listening, or at least I looked like I was


In reality

I was getting lost in your words…

Trying to respond to whatever it was you had asked me

I found I was at a lost for words

Like, if I was in a cartoon…around my head would be those little cartoon birds

Because for a brief moment in time;  I had fallen

In the literal and theoretical sense

But with my eyes glazed over and those birds around my head what I saw was not actuality, it was deception instead

Just something I saw and wanted in my head…

A simple fantasy…

But his name won’t be said.


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