Letter to My People

Wake the fuck up!

Like what are we doing man?  When did we stop fighting?  When did we stop caring that our oppressors are still getting over on us?  When did we stop loving one another?

Wake up!

We’re having a helping hand in our own extinction and its like nobody even sees what they’re doing; or they do see, they’re just blind to the reality…

Wake up!

We used to be proud!  Kings and queens even before we became presidents of this ‘so-called’ country; land of the oppressed and home to the coward hiding behind their titles, they do nothing to stop the nonsense.

Wake up!

Stop expecting everything to be handed to you.  Stop accepting the government’s ‘hush money’.

They think they can pay us off and then throw us away in the slums; keep us hidden like we’re some kind of bastard child.

Wake up!

Unity is the key if we are ever to become truly free, unite as one big family.  Go back to respecting and loving one another.  Cease and desist with this name calling, we’re not bitches and hoes or trifling ass Negros; we’re women and men, someones child, husband, wife, mother, father, sister, brother…How can we expect to be respected by others when we can’t respect ourselves?

Wake up!

My brothers and sisters the time is now!  We have to keep the dream alive because the struggle never ended.  Take a stand for the revolution…

Black people…wake up…


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