Boy meets girl

The age old love story. It’s quite surprising that I haven’t yet posted a video involving a serendipitous encounter of girl dancer and boy dancer who share a brief moment of glorious blissful bonding through dance.. then separate leaving only the beautiful memory, forever perfect and unspoiled by relationships inevitable cruelties. Blah blah blah.. Well here it is. Although I think this particular video is more about a friendship than a love story. Or rather.. it’s more about Levis.. but lets stick with friendship, it seems the most….friendly 🙂

The video seems an awfully close mirror to real friendships. She seems to be lifting his spirits in the beginning as one might brighten up the others life when they meet. They both are joyfully blessed by the newness of it. It becomes rather haywire in the middle, like two artists both trying to work on the same canvas. I think…

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