I was totally trying to chill when all of a sudden….

There’s always that one person who is really creepy or really annoying…or really both.  Then they always come around during the worst moments and it always gets really awkward really fast then you’re sitting around with everybody twiddling your thumbs, pretending like someones texting you to avoid conversation….Yea, unfortunately, I’ve had the pleasure to meet the acquaintance of a few of those people.  One in particular I just had to sit with for the last two hours…*total death party*

Here’s what happened:

So I came to the student union to chill out *since there’s nothing else to do*.  Chilled wit a homeboy for a few then left and come upstairs to sit <by myself>.  Twenty minutes into my solo chill session here comes dude, smiling extremely creepily by the way.  And he stops five feet away waving nervously, and in my head I’m thinking, ‘please don’t try to hold a conversation with me, please don’t try to hold a conversation with me…’ and then I see his lips start to move…’Shit!’ So i politely take off my headphones and pause my music, expecting him to stay for like five minutes; then he walks over to where I’m sitting and starts telling me about how all his friends ditched him, <I wonder why?> But that’s not even the best part because then he starts fidgeting with his backpack…then he sits down.

So this whole time he’s talking about all this random stuff, asking me about where I grew up, and why my had is flipped up *its a snap-back…* and then rambling on about going to New York and shopping….all this for 2 whole hours….The pain was unbearable

Finally, just now he decided to call one of his people and left; but not before telling me her whole life story, about why she has to leave him too because her sister-in-law has to go the hospital and now she has to babysit her kids….



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