When did I become a ghost?

A lot of my established issues <and the ones that haven’t quite surfaced yet> can be traced back to people that I’ve had the displeasure to choose to surround myself with; and right about now I think its about time to do some spring cleaning.  I’ve been noticing that I hang around a lot of unnecessary assholes; and at first they may have been likable assholes so I stayed around, but now its time to cut the fat…

I think my problem could possible be because I’m too nice…I stay giving people second and third chances; hell even forth and fifth chances….It’s really exhausting.  So am I to blame too?  Have I become an enabler because I would rather ignore their known tendencies instead of removing myself from the situation from the get-go?

….I don’t know, I like to think that there’s good in all people, even when nothing but their evil shows; and I could blame my parents for allowing me to grow up to have an open mind but I won’t….Its weird and most of the time it sucks *all of the time*

[…to be continued]


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