Hey world…I voted!!!

First of all…. MY PRESIDENT IS BLACK!!!!!!

*FOUR MORE YEARS!!![Nixon Voice]*Image

Today for the first time in the history of my short 19 years of life I voted *shit was pretty legit*

Second of all…For all of you people reading this who voted for the ‘otha man’ and not the ‘Brotha Man’ –> Shame on you *good job for doing your civic duty* but shame on you none the less.


Anybody who would vote for this man is out of their gosh darn minds.  Look at this picture; even the baby doesn’t like him [you can’t tell me there’s nothing wrong with that].  Not only that; but the man CLEARLY didn’t know what the hell he was talking about <but that’s no reason not to vote for him; I have days I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about either; I’m still pretty frickin awesome> I DO however, draw the line when people [Romney] start talking about messing with stuff like my financial aid….’You trippin bruh’ Like I legit think this man wig was on too tight when he had the bright idea to even have that thought cross his mind.  Plus he wanna get rid of PBS; dude, Big Bird has done shit to you….man is just crazy

*But it’s all good; the right man won so I’m not trippin for real*



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