On this night….

Sittin here waitin on this weedman…First of all this man called us like 10 times after we initially talked on the phone askin us where we was at (paranoid much?) then called back the 11th time talkin bout he got another appointment he gonna call when he get back.


He callin back now (one moment while your party is reached…)

So dude pull up right; why this other call pull up right beside him? The he sittin on the passenger side too?!?!?  I thought it was a straight setup mane…  So then we exchanging money for product; his hands all sweaty so our hands look like they battling it out on ‘You Got Served’ n shit.


Smokin bout to be interesting; we’ve decided to light up in the middle of the soccer field

Yoooo!!!!!  These fools funny as fuck!!!!!!!!!!!  Then this girl said “I’m not even hungry I just wanna eat something”

Kml; had me rollin.. Talkin bout she not the lost Jonas brother “I’m definitely not Jewish or Italian”

These kids is hilarious

*Awwww man!!!!! Pure brilliance*

<there was some ignorance at McDonalds; but that’s another story for when you’re much older>


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