Got me thinking…

I’m not like a needle junkie or anything crazy like that; but as of late I’ve had the strangest craving for illegal drugs.  <lol; crazy right?>

I indulge in the occasional blunt or two <which I’m technically not supposed to for various and of course obvious reasons>; and I’ve done X and molly like twice….but hey; I’m a college student.  Aren’t we supposed to be experimenting?  Anyway; like two weeks ago me and my roommate were discussing plans for one of our friend’s birthdays [which was on Halloween] the party was supposed to be a ‘rave’ theme so we decided we wanted to lace the cake with LSD or weed….long story short we ended up not doing it though.  But it got me thinking and I realized that coming up shortly I will be totally off the radar for like a month and I got this wild idea to just be totally high the entire time.

“what would be the possibility of ordering some drugs offline?”

So I’ve been looking and I came across this site–> <– The article makes it sound pretty legit but I’m still hesitant to try it.  I think I’m just gonna stick to what I know and buy locally….meh; idk….


*Anything this color-coordinated shouldn’t be illegal*


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