Bruh! …seriously?!?

So remember like last week when I was telling you about creepy and annoying people?
Well long story short, I think I might have a stocker. See it started last year; I was walking back to my dorm from the library late one night and this random dude started trying to have a conversation with me (this wouldn’t have been a problem either; except for what happened next) so I’m minding my own business and dude come across the street, “hey… Where you headed” “my room”
And that was the end if that… Like at least once a week now since that has happened he keeps looking at me real creepily and saying hi.
That’s no big deal though. But one of the organizations I’m in does bake sales every week and every time he come in there and walk back and forth like literally 5 times just staring…then he sits outside in the steps and looks in the window waiting for me to come outside.
But here’s the kicker; and the real reason I think he might be a stocker; I gave my number to some dude a couple months ago, he cool people though; but then like last month someone from a different number texted saying they was some dude who I didn’t know and then half way through the conversation he claimed to be the guy who I had given my number to originally (no big deal at first) until he started talking about he like me and junk (me and the original dude had been squashed that) it’s a set up man….
So yea; I think I got a stocker; it’s uber creepy


He Whispered Sweet Somethings In My Ear…

I’m not the kinda person who usually cares what people thinks about me…but for some reason that remains unknown til this day, I care what he thinks.

And I wanna let him know that there’s something I wanna tell him…But I don’t want him to judge me for what I might say and I would prefer if it didn’t cause the demise of our newly renovated friendship either; because, in my mind: if I had to deal with not being able to deal with him, I don’t think I would be able to deal.  And I know that sounds like a silly thing to say, but I guess you had to be there.


Not So Simple Fantasy

Everybody kept telling me to go for it,

And I knew very well you was a ho

But it

Didn’t seem to matter to me.

You see,

I had been wanting to let you know for the longest that I had noticed you, noticing me, noticing you…

Hard as I tried to deny these sins

These thoughts of you just kept rushing in

Through my brain

Like, sometimes, if I closed my eyes…I could envision us kissing in the rain

Like, you would be talking, and I would be listening, or at least I looked like I was


In reality

I was getting lost in your words…

Trying to respond to whatever it was you had asked me

I found I was at a lost for words

Like, if I was in a cartoon…around my head would be those little cartoon birds

Because for a brief moment in time;  I had fallen

In the literal and theoretical sense

But with my eyes glazed over and those birds around my head what I saw was not actuality, it was deception instead

Just something I saw and wanted in my head…

A simple fantasy…

But his name won’t be said.

My Meridith Gray Moment

Pick me, choose me, love me…

Often ask myself why I even bother worrying myself, wondering if he noticin me, noticin him, noticin me.

This movie that seems to be my life is in 3-D; except the glasses don’t quite work for real so I be squintin at the screen tryin to get a clearer view of it all.

Pick me, choose me, love me…

Used to sit in class just visualizing the visualization of a creation I had created in my head.  Drawing little pictures on the sides of my notes with the little bit of lead I had left because you left me in this state of mind…

Now seeing I had for real been confused and out my damn mind.

Pick me, choose me, love me…

I have no time for childish actions.  Need you out my thoughts so bout to do some subtractions.

And if you think this poem is about you…Just know: it be like that sometime

Life Evaluation

Be kind, rewind; goin back to black

These days its like its gettin harder for me to tell this from that

In a daze like half the time and the other half its like I’m close to losin my mind

Too much to deal with most of the time,

I know…

Findin it hard to just live and let go

Anger and frustration, fury and rage

Gettin harder to keep these demons in the cage

Re-evaluating my life since I only got one to live

Am I happy with these decisions I’ve made or still ready to quit at will?

Playin’ Around One Day

Two fools sittin in KFC

One makes a comment and the other one sings

About complete and utter nonsense:

Rape and all that

Sittin in the chair wit his hat turned back

Conversations stop and there’s now silence; but then it comes back, next is the violence

Cold world, no snuggie, and all that jazz

Next one to say somethin bout to get the mess smacked out his ass

In a Daze…

I wonder if you can see it in my eyes…

Can you tell that I want you by the way that I smile?

At first you was just some random dude I kept seeing everywhere…But then I started contemplating and with thoughts flowing through my mind it no longer bothered me I was seeing you all the time

I wonder if you can see it in my eyes…

Can you tell that I want you by the way that I smile?

Something about you is drawing me closer.  Like a moth to your flame; this trance can’t be broken

I wonder if you can see it in my eyes…

Can you tell that I want you by the way that I smile?