Bug In Your Ear

Hey again! So I’ve updated my webite since last week and i officially have in stock my homemade whipped shea butters: made with shea butter, Kokum butter, mango butter, hemp seed oil, coconutoil, a hint of olive oil and essential oils for scent.  I have three acents available, lavender (my personal favorite), citrus (a blend of grapefruit and orange), and a eucalyptus/tea tree blend that I so cleverly named after my blog “tree in the forest”.  Each jar is priced at $10 each.

I also have my handmade waistbeads!  I started these with the purpose of helping people feel good and sexy and strong all at the same time.  I know I do when I wear mine (which is all the time).  Besides that, I really feel more balanced and intune with my own energy since I’ve started wearing my beads too!  My inspiration behind these are the chakras.  There are 7 colors available, one for each chakra (red-root, orange-sacral, yellow-solor plexus, green-heart, blue-throat, indigo-third eye, &  purple-crown) if you are unfamiliar with the chakras and what they do I encourage you all to look more into the topic.  However, there’s an episode Avatar the Last Airbender that explains it well that I’ll post later. Waistbeads are currently going for $12.

I hope you’ll support and give my link a click!  And even more, i hope any products purchased are greatlynenjoued!

Setting up shop

OK folks as promised I’ve finally gotten my shop set up to sell my natural products.  So far there’s just the whipped shea butters (in three scents: eucalyptus, citrus, and Spanish lavender).  More products are to come if all goes well.  I ship within the US as well as abroad. 
The link is below!


Natural Beans

So if you guys remember I said I was going to make my own whipped shea butters to sell too the public.  Well I finally got a recipe I like and all of my materials are here.  I’ve just made my first official batch and am currently making them all pretty as we speak.




I’m still not entirely sure about the shipping part but I’m just gonna go with the flow.  I’m hoping I’ll at least make back my initial investment but I’m not stressing about the whole ordeal I think it’s something people will like.  And if not I’m sure I’ll be ashy so at least I’ll use it if nobody else does {lol}

But anyways the etsy account should be up today as well I’ll be posting that link too so tuned.