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So I walked into work two black ladies look up at stare at me (so I just walk past) two Hispanic ladies in the back look up and smile and say hello (so I speak)
Anywho after i clocked in lady that’s over us now called my name then she says to me “do you only work on the weekends now?” I looked at her like she was crazy (because I’ve been only working on the weekends for about a month now; something which everyone else who make schedules knows) and then I replied yes. It was at this moment when she said “I wish I had know that; I had you scheduled to work Tuesday and Thursday, you didn’t show up we thought you quit” so I says to her; “you people don’t call to confirm stuff like that?” And she says “no. That’s not my job”
….still looking at her crazy I say nothing, just a head nod before I walk away. I mean seriously? I coulda been in the hospital sick or something and you wasn’t gonna check on me?
Smh at least McDonald’s cared enough about us to make calls….

Air brushed at a funeral

My mind is absolutely boggled at the notion….how can you sit there and say “I’m shedding tears for you” “I’ll see you when I get there” (etc) when you were a main element in this person’s demise. How can people sit-up and encourage senseless violence against each other and then be so shocked when it results in the death of someone close to them or their incarceration? It simply makes no sense to me.

choking on rice…

You know that moment when someone jumps out from behind something and scares the hell outta you? That feeling you get when your ears get a little hot and your heart kinda speeds up? It’s quite a peculiar thing.
In any matter Someone literally just told me that they saw a post I wrote and it affected them….I choked on my rice because I honestly couldn’t think of what they were talking about. So I clicked over to run through my page and i saw where I had did it. My heart just sank in my chest.
So of course I’m texting now trying to apologize. Granted the damage has been done….but when I wrote it I wasn’t trying to come for anybody specific it was just my thoughts at the time….I was angry and the situation didn’t make sense.

*but no excuses for my actions in all seriousness~ I only hope they will forgive me


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What is poetry? I do not know the definition. I see dying thoughts waiting to be written and the ordinary to most seems so extraordinary at the moment. Imagination is a term given to define and confine an idea. My mind hovers above imagination and laughs at the effort below. I write without thought and by doing that I break the shackles of obligation to a memory. Those memories stretch their shadowy hands forth and try to steal control of a phrase before it is even uttered. I slice at them with the sword of intent and allow nothing to stop the flow once it starts. That is why we read blogs. What are you thinking?

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As I was Walking (yea) across my Delta Yard

Welp lab was cut short today so I find myself sitting on a bench outside on the yard. It’s a nice breeze but it’s an Erie silence as well.
The kind of silence that makes me think I’ve overstayed my welcome here (even though it’s only a semester over). The yard isn’t how it used to be….there’s no life, nobody is hanging outside, nothing is going on. And I guess that’s a good thing if it means students are actually in class. It’s just a lot of change to have to take in, even if it is just until December.
Just now our president walked past (Dr. Gwendolyn E. Boyd) it’s lovely that she gets so much love. Even dr silver, when he would walk around wouldn’t get as much as she does. And president Harris most defiantly got no love (probably because we never saw him). But in any matter it’s nice out, I think I’ll be out here for a good minute just chilling, taking it all in*


Remember honey bun from the gym? Well he’s at it again. Now he misses me; ain’t had a conversation in how long but you miss me?
I cut off the first two messages but he said “I miss you” and I said “no you don’t” and this is what came of it
Was I being too blunt? I don’t think I was….
*then too I texted him when I got home to see what was what; dry ass convo again; took forever to respond*