Ground to cover (part 3)

MONDAY: I am officially kicked out of ROTC….
What? Why you may ask? Well…it would seem as though the Air Force frowns upon failing classes (even if it’s a difficult major such as mine)
Bastards…can’t believe they waited a month before the semester is over to tell somebody. And I wasn’t even prepared for the ambush
And I knew it was coming…I just didn’t think it would hurt so much when they told me
And as I walked through campus I couldn’t help but feel like a social leper

I love the fact that they kept someone who had a sex tape leaked (even if it wasn’t her fault) and that they may potentially be also keeping someone who was involved in a violent act…and thats just from my school; i can only imagine the kind of foolishness that other places have going on

Ground to cover (part 2)

SATURDAY: I finally told my best friend….
I won’t go into details of the conversation but I will say that having two people being close friends who have suicidal thoughts or other issues with life (as we both do) is a very peculiar ordeal….he seemed so shocked when I told him
And we laughed it off with talk of tequila and crown royal

Ground to cover (part 1)

So much has happened since my last post….where do I begin???

SPRING BREAK: so we went down to PCB. Had a good time too. Now many of you may not know, but my goal was to go out swinging (for my last spring break as an undergrad) I was drinking everyday but it’s the strangest thing, I never got drunk or had a hangover….I was buzzed but I always lost it quick. And first day out I even showed my boobies to a kappa on the beach (but he wasn’t a fine kappa so it wasn’t amazing). But I think the most fun was when we went to coyote ugly, I was dancing on the bar all night. Even got proposed to while I was up there. However, I didn’t appreciate the random cooter I kept seeing (but at least she shaved it). But I lied, the most fun was the foam party (but I advise against bumping and grinding all night and inappropriate groping) smh I came back with a rash on both butt cheeks and a uti….not the best (but I had fun while it was happening) *other details of that night and the next are x rated so I won’t share lol* but I will share the fact that somebody was selfish enough to want to be taken back to the room and leave us stranded on the other half of the strip….shit was not cool

Time lost

People do some real inconsiderate ass shit…..
My sister is running for a position on campus she asked me to do a flyer for her event. It was last minute so I was kinda hesitant (especially since my work isn’t professional) but I agrees anyway; that was two days ago. Last night at around 10 I get a text asking if I can make an adjustment so the flyer resembles another one she found (no problem cause it was a simple design)
Now as I agreed to do this for her I already (1) had to finish my hair which was only half way done (2) Finish homework that was due today (3) and I had to wake up at 6am; something wasn’t gonna make it
So I finished my hair around 1am, decided I would do my homework in the morning, and took an hour to redo this flyer (because I’m sisterly and that’s the kinda shit I do)
Email sent. Now fast forward to about an hour ago this morning when she posts a picture of the flyer for today. I clicked on it and not only was it a totally different flyer from any of the 4 that I took time to make she had this to say “I wanted to make adjustments and didn’t know how so I just made this”
As I tried my hardest not to cuss her out because I’m sleep deprived…..

Will They Love Me?

I hope if someone is ever so lucky to take me home with them to introduce me to their family that I am immediately loved at first sight.  

I don’t want to be that ‘tramp that deflowered someones child’ or ‘the hussy that stole their sweet boy’…I want to be ‘future daughter’ or at the very least just me.  

I would hope that whoever is so fortunate to be blessed with me by the Universe has enough sense to (1) tell his family that I exist and (2) tell them a few awesome things about me.  I don’t want them to question his decisions on being with me or try and talk him out of it either.  If his family is important to him <as i surely hope it is> I would just hope that he thinks of me as being equally important…so much so that he would want to share me with them and vis-versa.   

Did You Know: March Is HBCU Awareness Month

Originally posted on Praise 1300:


Monday, the Thurgood Marshall College Fund launched a new nationwide campaign, National I Love My HBCU” Month, to honorhistorically black colleges and universities and the pride that HBCU students, faculty and alumni exemplify, according to TMCF President & CEO Johnny C. Taylor, Jr.

“HBCUs are an integral part of our country’s higher education system and history of African Americans,” said Taylor.  “’I Love My HBCU’ Month will shine a light on these great institutions and the impact they make in preparing future leaders of tomorrow.

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Bitch!!! I will choke you….

I absolutely HATE when people try to come in at regulate or change shit!  Especially when its shit that I’ve CLEARLY planned out….And I have to remember to hold my tongue because I know people for some reason are slow at times and they forget the essentials.  So I have sat in this office over the last 20 minutes just looking at these people like they’re crazy rather than snapping on them like my whole body is telling me to do.  See we have been planning this reception for our advisers since last month…and i wouldn’t even have an issue with suggestions EXCEPT when it was mentioned and help was asked for not one person raised their hand and said anything; matter of fact these same people don’t even come to meetings or events for that matter.  Now all of a sudden “everybody wanna open their mouth with a muh fuckin opinion” *Tupac – Get Money (Biggie Diss)*  


Here I Go

I’ve been neglecting my studies….and no not my school work, my spiritual studies.  But somehow I feel like the Universe is somehow still helping me in ways; giving me little pop quizzes and forcing me to remember all that I’ve learned already on my path.  That’s why I love this so much…everything you do or could possibly do forces you to also question everything.  And I’m not even sure if it’s so much as I fear the consequences <especially since I pretty much have no fears>….So I think i’ll go with the possibility that it’s more of the pure curiosity of it all.    

*I thought I’d have more to say in this post since it’s been so long since my last confession*  

In any matter I think I’ll catch up on some stuff after my run Sunday; maybe before.  

Basic Ass Bitches…pt 2

The following is a response (as promised to precious posts ‘Fuck Wrong With my friend’ and ‘Roommates Exposed’
It’s just that I’ve realized lately that if I really wanted to I could wreck a lot of people’s shit….like totally ruin them (probably forever) but because things (1) things are told to me in confidence (2) I am a firm believer in Karma & (3) because I just don’t do shit like that….I have ‘for the most part’ chosen not to or at least tried my damnedest not to.
Now I was originally going to write this just to rant about two people I live with cause them females annoying as crap (slamming doors and shit like they 5 years old and talking loud and above all else just being childish) but see I’m here in my room and I’m having an issue with others (previously mentioned friends)
Now see it’s important the I mention that my hearing for the most part is impeccable; like I legit hear damn near everything….and since I’ve been back in my room this evening I’ve heard their entire conversation (not on purpose but shit happens) but the point being that these people are sitting here talking about other friends who aren’t present in the room. The one doing most of the talking does this regularly (of course noticing her habits I’ve noticed as well that she is constantly speaking about people to other people but never directing her comments to the person at hand) and the other one (who is constantly allowing others to influence her decisions) eats it all up
I just often wonder of what sort of things would happens if people knew the sort of things that their ‘friends’ say when they’re not around…oh the madness that would unfold